A Picture Is So Much More

The great thing about having custom work done with us is that the sky’s the limit!
Below are some creative examples of an image we at Acrisharp purchased from a stock photo website.

The first image displays a normal picture with nothing done to it. No edits whatsoever.

The second image shows text added to it. You sometimes see these in offices, hallways, even waiting rooms. The message can be inspirational, informative, humorous or even personal.

The third image has a thick transparent border around it. The border can have little to no transparency. It can have a pattern or be plain. In this example, it is black with 30% opacity, with a blend mode applied to make it slightly clearer.

The fourth example has a mosaic glass effect on a thick clear border.

Our frameless pictures on acrylic are designed to compliment any room. Not only are these pictures affordable and chic but they also make decorating or re-designing a room a breeze since matching the frame to the rest of the furniture becomes a non-issue.

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