Convert Pixels To Inches

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Choose 150 for largest picture

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Use the calculator to convert your image’s pixels into inches and to determine the price of your item.

The size of your digital image is displayed in pixels and resolution. To find this information, open the folder where your image is located on your computer. Then, right-click your image and select Properties at the very bottom. Click on the Details tab and you will see the pixels for width and height, as well as the dpi. Enter that information into the converter below. After you select the resolution from the drop-down menu, the image’s dimensions will be displayed below, in inches. If your image has a dpi of 300 or higher, you can select 150 dpi from the drop-down menu and the dimensions will be larger. This will be the maximum size we can produce for you, based on the pixels of your image. We can scale down your image proportionally if it is too large, or crop it to your specifications. There is no extra charge for this.

Which DPI to choose? 150 = for largest possible picture size while maintaining quality
300 = for standard size
600 = insanely high-resolution (advanced photographers’ equipment).

To estimate the cost of a picture, find the nearest dimensions in the